A Remotely-Proctored Exam

This week I sat for the CIPP exam, among the first to take the test under “virtual proctoring.” CIPP is the Certified Information Privacy Professional credential from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. It was an odd experience to take a “privacy exam” while being monitored on my own webcam. You can bet I read the “privacy policies” that were presented to me as I clicked through to agree to the experience. Under normal circumstances I never would have agreed to this “invasion” of my privacy. But if I wanted my privacy certification, I would have to give up a bit of my privacy to do so! The physical test centers are closed.

During the test, I was chastised a couple of times via the “chat box” because I rest my chin in my hands. Up popped the chat box and the proctor exclaimed, “Please Refrain From Covering Your Mouth!” No food was allowed in view; but I was permitted a cup of coffee in a clear cup! Not too much coffee though, because there was no leaving for the call of nature. No extraneous movement or noise was allowed or the test would be immediately forfeited. I was on camera for two hours. The best part of the experience was at the very end, when I clicked “Finish Exam.” Up popped the word “PASS” and now I’m happy CIPP after giving up just a little of my privacy. Now I’m off to the battle to protect YOUR privacy at https://www.chicagoprivacyproject.com.

Attorney. Certified Information Privacy Professional. Founder of Chicago Privacy Project and Windy City Explorers.